Trojan Players Present: Jekyll and Hyde

Lyzi Torres & Melissa Wittig

This past weekend the school’s theatre club, Trojan Players, had their first showings of the fall musical, Jekyll and Hyde. The musical is different than most, it’s central theme being very dark and dramatic.

“It’s a love story, tragedy, drama, nothing funny about it. It’s more serious and at the heart of it, it’s a love story and the struggle of duality between good and evil,” said department and club director, Adam Steffan.  

Seeing Jekyll and Hyde it is clear that this isn’t just any play, it being more in depth and harder to accomplish than most.

“When I choose shows I look for three things, budget, if we have the right people to do it, and if it’s going to bring people in. I chose this show because I believe we have the people to do it.” Steffan says, proud with the selected cast that was perfect for this specific play. They really transformed into their characters, making it their own.

One actor in particular really stood out, senior Rayven Burdette. He played a large role in the musical, not only as Dr. Jekyll but also his alter-ego, Mr. Hyde. Burdette portrayed Steffans goal of showing the duality between good and evil beautifully.

“It’s something different and the music is beautiful. What I am most looking forward to is bringing to life for the Tosa West and the Wauwatosa community.” Steffan says, eager to share it with students, parents, and the community.


Upcoming showing times/dates:

(Special Showing) Thursday, November 19th at 7 pm- $5
Friday, November 20th & Saturday, November 21st at 7pm- $15 for adults, $12 for students ($10 with an activities pass or a gold pass) $8 for children