Freshmen Goals

Article by Jason Flynn

Groundbreaking interviews with new West freshmen reveal that many of their goals relate to grades as well as much more.

This past week several freshmen were interviewed about what their goals and hopes for West were. Many had different things to say.

Toto Hunt said he was going “To get good grades.” He, as well as many others, said that to do this he would “Get A’s”.

Some people that were questioned were quite different in their responses, such as Amish Verma.

“I want to meet new people.” said Verma. He was also hoping to also “Get in a lot of electives.”

Many, when asked what their hopes were for their time here at West, wanted many things. Some people, such as Caroline Weickardt, wished to “Be eligible for colleges.” and that they wished to be ready for said colleges. When asked how likely it was that they would meet these goals, responses ranged from 75-90%.

Almost everyone wanted one thing: to be able to enjoy their year here, as well as being able to enjoy their entire high school career.

Photo by Anthony Moroder