Human Slingshot: A State Fair Tradition

By Hannah Bree, Janelly Gonzalez, Zoe Stack

State Fair has always been a place for fun and excitement. From fried goods to thrilling rides, State Fair has it all.

One of the many rides is the Human Slingshot: an attraction that’s been around for more than 18 years.

“I love the 0G feeling and the feeling of being tossed around up there, the feeling of weightlessness for a few seconds…it’s awesome,” said Evan Guirsch who has been on this ride every year since 2006.

“It has become a tradition,” he said.

The ride consists of two seats in which one or two people can sit and be ejected into the air. They can reach 170 ft in about a second and a half.

“You go from the ground to the sky very quick, and then it hits you and all of a sudden you are shooting up and the sky becomes a little bit closer to you,” said Guirsch.

(This article was produced by students are participating in the annual State Fair Journalism workshop held at the Wisconsin State Fair on August 12th, 2015 and conducted and sponsored by the Wauwatosa West Journalism Program.)