8th Grade Orientation

Current 8th grade students and their parents attended the annual Wauwatosa West Open House on Thursday, October 30th.  After a brief overview of the school from the guidance department and administration, 8th grade students toured the building attending classes. Information from over 30 extracurricular and co-extracurricular opportunities were available in the school learning center.

When the students were asked what they expect from attending high school, Justin Moua, an 8th grade student at Whitman Middle School, was grinning when he said, “To have fun”.  Another student, Brianna Stevens, answered that high school will bring her “more opportunities for clubs and sports”.

Some students, however, think that high school may bring some challenges.  “I’m scared that no teachers will like me because of my older brother”, Julia Stacey admitted.  Nevertheless, every student who attended the orientation, whether with excitement or trepidation, can say that this experience helped them to be more familiar with what’s to come when starting high school.

By Olivia Harris.

Photographer: Dana Gaertner.

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