3rd Day of Homecoming: Destination Day

The Wauwatosa West High School hallways were filled with spirit on Wednesday, October 8th, as the students prepare for Homecoming.  Many students showed their Tosa West pride by wearing clothes from various decades.  Each grade level was assigned their own decade to represent.  The freshman were the 90s, sophomores were 80s, juniors were 70s, seniors were 60s, and staff was 20s.

Everyone can agree that there is endless possibilities for what to wear on Decade Day.  Junior Ella Hagopian shared, “I really like how there was a lot of options for people.  You can go all out or you can be conservative.”

Not everyone at West participates in Homecoming week, but everyone can enjoy the crazy outfits it brings.  No two people are dressed completely the same, which is what makes Homecoming week so fresh and exciting.  Freshman Spencer Johnson said, “It is interesting seeing people’s interpretations of the different decades.”

Every student and staff member at Wauwatosa West can find something they love about spirit week.  Junior Aubrianna Mierow said, “It’s fun to see how everyone dresses up because todays fashion has taken different elements from different time periods.  We get to see how current fashion is like the past.”