Homecoming 2014 Day #1: Denim Day

Tosa West kicked off its homecoming spirit week with Monday’s Denim Day.

Junior Ruth Niles said she enjoyed the theme.

“I thought it was fun,” said Niles.  “I saw lots of people wearing denim, so there was a lot of participation.”

She also said that for many students, denim day was an easy theme to work with.

“Everyone has a pair of jeans at the very least, so it’s not like anyone is excluded,” she said.

She also said that this meant that many students didn’t work very hard to fit in with the theme.

“Lots of people are just wearing jeans and nothing else made of denim, so they’re being kind of lazy but they’re still participating.”

Senior Jackson Campbell echoed her sentiment.

“All you have to do is show up to school with a pair of jeans on,” said Campbell.

Campbell wore a pair of jean overalls that he borrowed from his dad.

“They’re a little too small, even with the straps adjusted all the way,” he said.  “At least it’s better than just wearing jeans and leaving it at that.”

However, some students did go all out for denim day, such as senior Andrew Gleason. Gleason rocked a jean jacket and a pair of jorts that came down to mid-thigh.

“I think the jean short-shorts reflect the nature of homecoming week,” said Gleason.  “It’s all about having fun.”

By Mark Salamone