First blog ft. Tajikistan is life

I’m sitting on my couch and I’m getting over my bronchitis. I know, it’s disgustingly painful. I just got done googling, “how to write a decent blog”. To be honest it did not help much, still nothing comes to surface. My two little brothers, Patrick and Corbin, are running around the house fighting over a tape measure, which I find highly amusing. My baby sister Lily is running around somewhere I’m sure, because I just saw her two minutes ago. Hopefully the first couple of sentences care decent enough for an introduction because I really don’t know what to say.


Anyways, at this moment of time, as our travel date gets closer, I think the most about the 17 hour flight. I mean, 17 hours is a long time. Like a really long time. I made sure to buy like A LOT of gum. Which I’m kind of excited about due to the fact I have braces and my orthodontist Dr.Teske told me not to chew gum. Don’t worry though, I’m going to discuss it all with her. I’ve been so eager to finally chew gum again. I guess it really is the little things in life. Oh yeah, I also figured since I’m going to be on such a long flight, I would like to do some reading. I decided to finally read, “The Fault In Our Stars”. I know i should have read it sooner, since all my friends tell me how great the book is, but better late than never. I have been on a plane twice before. I love it when the plane firsts starts driving off and finally gets into the air, omg definitely by far the best feeling in the world, besides sledding.


The sledding can really hold off for a while though. I am still waiting for summer to actually start here. Maybe after our trip, considering the expecting weather ahead of us, we may just be ready for the autumn breeze. Which, actually doesn’t sound too bad right now. I will always have a loyal love with my sweaters, jeans, and scarves. Probably not so loyal on our trip though, maybe. With knowing that the woman dress more conservative there, I’m sure I will have to pack some items from my autumn stash of clothing.

I never been across the world before so I am expecting it is going to be really different compared to Wisconsin. I am very curious to see how different people live in different countries. I wonder what people in Tajikistan value in life, because Americans are very materialistic. Oh another huge reason what I am looking forward to is, eating with my fingers, since I already do anyways, which my dad hates. Especially when me and my dad are eating at a public restaurant  and people start staring my dad gets frustrated with me.  Lastly, I have the craziest family in the world so it’ll be nice to get away from them. We’ll that is all, and I found my baby sister again, she loves playing in the hamper.