Why Warped Tour


There are many events not to miss but out of all those event to go to, Warped Tour is honestly the one not to miss. Want to know why?! Here is 5 reasons why you should go!


  1. Location- Warped Tour is located at the Summerfest grounds. Way easier to get there than Oshkosh or even the Rave. There are numerous ways to get down there.


  1. Parents- One if you still rely on the parental taxi service, they would probably rather drive you to the lakefront vs somewhere an hr away.  Second if they want to come (which can be a plus if you see that Motionless In White shirt you must have and you don’t have the cash), they can go. Available is 1 complimentary parent admission to accompany anyone under 18. For more info go to link below.


  1. Cost- To run festivals its not cheap. Some of the shows tickets can be $87.50 for only 1 day and thats to see only 5 bands. Sure some of the names can be BIG like Rob Zombie or Stone Sour but like anything, you work to get that high up to be at those big festivals. Also for some festivals, what you pay effects where you are. Warped Tour don’t fly like that. It is $48.50  ($34.25 +$14.25 fees) for 1 day; with well over 20 bands and no designated seat. Well over 75% of the bands playing are not those junky opener acts either. They are bands with the edgy-must-listen-too- sound. That one day will be playing events like Rockfest in a couple of years. Avenged Sevenfold played Warped Tour and are now the headliners of the infamous Rockstar Mayhem Festival and have played Rockfest.  You find the diamond in the rough here. You also for the $48, can be at the barricade if you make your way up there or chilling in the back. You don’t pay for your seat or area of which to watch the show.


  1. Unknowing- This is one even where you never know what will happen (in a good way). For starters Linkin Park crashed Ventura, CA dated, with special guests for each of the songs. One the guest vocalist (Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remembe) is not even on Warped Tour. Those lucky ducks. Yes that was in California, where everything is but that doesn’t mean something won’t be happening at the WI date. You won’t know unless you go! You can plan who you will see and what merch you will get and what member you will try to meet but things never go as plan. For all you know you could run into  Pat Kirch (of the Maine) on your way to see Neck Deep. It’s a day of madness not to be missed.


  1. Talent- Just looking through the lineup, your month will drop with all the variety and good bands playing this year. Attila (metal & hardcore), Echosmith ( indie & alternative), Real Friends ( emo & pop punk), The Maine (rock) and The Summer Set (pop & rock). Scrolling through the line up (link below), under each act it will tell you which sub genres they follow under but just walking from stage to stage, merch tent to merch tent, you will have found a new band or four to itunes it up when you get home.  You can also purchase a Warped Tour compilation for $8 ahead of time. Sample the bands on the tour before the tour and know which new bands you will want to check out.


Warped Tour never disappoints. Good friends, Good bands and just Good vibes all around. Its somethings not to be missed.