Register for West Best Buddies Friendship Walk and Support Your Peers

Members of the Wauwatosa West’s Best Buddies club will be participating with 38 other clubs in the Best Buddies Friendship Walk on Saturday, May 3rd in downtown Milwaukee.


The Friendship Walk is one of four walks held annually in Spring through the nonprofit organization, Best Buddies Wisconsin. Each walk raises funds to support the 38 “chapters,” or clubs of Best Buddies throughout Wisconsin. Participation in the walk is free. The walk raises money through donations given by participants as well as the general public.


“I think that more and more people should connect with special needs people because they are part of society and have to be given the same chances we are given,” says sophomore James Canady, on the importance of signing of for the walk.


Best Buddies is a program that was created in 1989 by Anthony K. Shriver to create relationships between kids with disabilities and those without disabilities. The students with disabilities are matched up with a regular ed student for a year, and participate in many activities with their “buddy” for the school year.


Canady is among the students who signed up for the walk at the Friendship Walk Kickoff meeting that the school’s Best Buddies program held last Friday. The other participants had their own feelings as to why they should sign up.


“I want to help out special needs people. School people treat them like they are lower than them in the halls,” said sophomore Curtis Oglesby, who heard the announcements all week and decided to participate.


Still other students emphasized the value of the walk and urged others to join.

“It’s for a good cause. It brings people together. It’s a fun time for everyone,” says club member Sarah Durgan.


To sign up to take part in the friendship walk, register


. And, join a team (Wauwatosa West Best Buddies).