Wauwatosa West Sneaks Past Shorewood

Friday night was a playoff game between the Lady Trojans of Wauwatosa West and the Shorewood Greyhounds. In the end, Wauwatosa came out on top with a heart stopping win. The final score, 34-33.


The first half of the game was a low scoring one, but did not lack in action. The Trojans started off on a good foot, scoring early. Senior Elise Ditscheit contributed to the scoring barrage from the Trojans with a couple of three pointers. West played intense defense in the first half, not allowing many baskets. However, the defense got a little too intense, and that got the Trojans in some foul trouble. Shorewood was sent to the line frequently, and they converted a high percentage of those free throws, which kept the game close. Trojans headed into halftime with a 23-19 lead.


The second half started out looking good for the trojans, with some good overall play. They played excellent defense, allowing no easy baskets, and even getting some steals. The offense, however, dwindled off quickly. Senior Ashley Lindstrom drilled a pair of three’s to keep the Trojans ahead, finishing the third with a 31-23 lead.

Shorewood was not going to give up too easily. West had some trouble with ball handling, and Shorewood capitalized on that immediately. Turnovers cursed West in the 4th quarter, which allowed Shorewood to catch up, tying it at 31 with three minutes left. The whole quarter West had trouble scoring, with most of their shots missing. But Wauwatosa was resilient. With the score tied at 33, with 33 seconds left in the fourth, Lindstrom drew a foul, sending her to the line. She didn’t crack under pressure, hitting one of her two free throws, giving west a 34-33 lead with 11 seconds left.


Shorewood got the ball down the court quickly, shooting a three immediately. That shot missed, but they grabbed the rebound, and put it back up to the hoop. The shot took several nail biting bounces around the rim, but it eventually fell out of the basket to the floor, sealing victory for Wauwatosa West.


Both teams played hard until the final buzzer, but only one team could come out victorious. Wauwatosa advances to the next round of the playoffs to be played against Whitefish Bay.

[button color=”black” size=”medium” ]Author: Kyle Hemming[/button]