Childish Gambino

Because the Internet is the second album released by Childish Gambino. It’s the follow up to his first album Camp released back in 2011. The rapper not only shows his way with words on the 19 track album, but in his 72 page screenplay as well. The on-line screenplay combines writing and visual elements which shows his talents in writing and acting.

Gambino teamed up with Jhene Aiko, Chance the Rapper, and Azealia Banks on a few of the tracks. Bringing his own life experiences into the album adds to the emotion. Tracks like “Flight of the Navigator” leave the feeling of being hazy and weightless, while “Sweatpants” is heavier and angrier. Then he comes in with “Shadows” and “3005” that show the softness and care in his heart.
The album uses short instrumentals to separate the songs.  Notable instrumental segments include “Dial Up” and “Playing Around Before the Party Starts”.

You should listen to the Because the Internet by Childish Gambino.  This album is incredibly unique. The lyrics are clever and full of references. The beats in each song are all different and sound unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Because the Internet stands out from other rappers. The album contains weird ambient sounds that make it completely different from other music and pulls you into what you are hearing.
There’s no wondering why it held the #1 spot on iTunes.

Donald Glover came up with his rapper name, Childish Gambino, after using the Wu Tang Clan Rap Name Creator. Think you got what it takes to be Childish Gambino? What would your name be?