What Happened To The Vending Machines?

For most Wauwatosa West seniors, the vending machines in the Trojan room are their “go to” place when they have a couple of dollars crumpled up in their pockets. The vending machines are what gives them that well-deserved snack after hours of lengthy, exhausting classes. So imagine their shock when showing up one day and finding the familiar presence of the vending machines missing, learning that their favorite snacks might be replaced with healthier alternatives.
               However, the healthier alternatives certainly do not sound unappealing; there is now fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt. With these new additions, most of the same foods and drinks that were loved by many seniors are still there.  And as a bonus, the Trojan room now is more “Trojanized”. So now, the seniors get fresh healthy food and a snack bar with more school spirit.
               So is this a good or bad thing? Naturally, we will have some seniors that do not like the new healthy food whatsoever, but there are some who really could not care less. Like Laura Shively for example, who said “I was not at all affected by it, since I don’t really use them”.  So perhaps this shows that the change in foods for the vending machine really is not the end of the world. People still have some of their old snacks,some new healthy ones, and snack machines with more school spirit. Maybe this change really is a good thing after all.