West Basketball Beats New Berlin High School

The weather may have been frightful this Friday night, but the sixth man arrived in full force, and the Trojan Boys Basketball team pulled out a win in miraculous fashion in front of an eager home crowd.

From tip off, the Trojans began putting up points, and doing their best to stop New Berlin from doing the same. The points initially came in bunches, as senior Reggie Cason and Junior Steffan Brown cashed in back to back 3 pointers to give the Trojans an early lead. It looked like the Trojans would be able to easily build a lead, but New Berlin proved they could put points on the board too. With the New Berlin stands growing louder, the Vikings were able to put up enough points to take the lead 6-9 and force West to take its first time out.

The Trojans were only warming up, though.The team tightened up their discipline defense and Junior Zach Viet came away with a few impressive scores. Senior Blake Harvey did his part, adding 2 more 3 point shots to the scoreboard. New Berlin West kept their head above water at the end of the 1st, and was able to tighten the score to 21-18, Trojans with the lead. The crowds engaged in constant back and forth taunting, and New Berlin’s sideline erupted as the Vikings were able to bring the game back to a tie with 6:22 left in the half.

Feeling the urgency, the Trojans put their foot to the pedal and went to work. Cason’s impressive handling kept the ball out of Viking defenders’ hands, and Junior Andre Caroll was able to draw a few fouls. It was enough for the Trojans to take the lead, and bring the sixth man into the game. Nearing halftime, the crowds were loud and engaged, as a Viking defender put a violent stop to a west fastbreak. Once the Trojans embraced the momentum, though, there was no turning back. Brown’s uncanny ability to maneuver his way to a score, along with Cason’s ability from beyond the arc meant that the Vikings didn’t have enough defenders to stop all of West’s attacks. With score after score, the crowd grew louder, and as a New Berlin west shot was violently knocked down by Caroll, the noise was deafening. West was feeding off the energy, and the Viking’s offense was visually degrading underneath the intense home field advantage. With a single second left in the half, Brown took a long shot from near half court, and miraculously found the net. The Trojans left at half with a 41-29 lead , and left the crowd buzzing with energy and excitement

Coming out of halftime, the Trojans entered the game with excitement, but were able to maintain their focused poise. There was no looking back as the Vikings struggled to stop West on any drive, and could not put up point themselves. Score after score were masterfully put on the board, and the Trojans not only took a number of 3 point opportunities, but made majority of them. Ending the night, the team left with a combined twelve scores from beyond the arc. Cason, B. Harvey, and Brown lead the Trojan’s to a comfortable lead with continuous scoring along with smart and unselfish passing.

West ended the game with a victory, displaying conference dominance over the New Berlin Vikings in a 76-55 win. Their record improves to 8-2, and they remain a frontrunner in the conference race. They now go to work to keep their place in the ranks next week Friday away vs. Cudahy at 7:30.

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