How To Be an IBA Champion

There are many characteristics that are required to become a champion. As IBA starts this season here are some tips to succeed.

Sam Olson and his team know exactly how to be champions. Last year his team, The Phat Squad, won it all in the competitive league championship game and hope to win it again this year.

“We look forward to extend our reign of power against the other IBA peasants. #2peat” said Olson.

Intramural Basketball Association or I.B.A. is an extracurricular activity open to any student at Wauwatosa West. Students form teams of 12 players and one captain. You don't need any prior basketball experience to participate. There are a wide variety of teams from each grade. Each team chooses which league they want to play with. They include competitive, recreational, and crossover, which is new this year and teams play other teams from both competitive and recreational leagues.

Every team has different strategies on how to win games. It depends if its an all girls team, all boys or mixed. It also depends on whether the team has players with basketball experience or not.

“At the end of games the whole team ran on the court so we could get as much points as possible,” said senior Laura Carlson, who was on an all girls team last year, reDUNKulous, but is unable to play this year because of other sports conflicts.

“We had the mindset of conquering the IBA league,” said Olson “ We executed very well and constantly worked harder and harder during the season.”

In the past, Wauwatosa West English teacher/ I.B.A coordinator, Nicholas Koepke, has noticed teams that don’t get along together don’t always do well. “Being able to work together and have fun is the best way to succeed,” said Koepke.

There are many tips to succeed and have fun during the IBA season.

“I find that if you get fouled a lot you get to shoot a lot of baskets for more points” said senior Grace Gabriel, who was on the all star team last year.

“Don’t care about winning just have fun,” said senior Taylor Heideman. Heideman will be playing for the Wrecking Balls this year.

“Try to call in sick the day you play Swog,” said junior Sage Schram. Schram will participate on team Swog with many other members of the recreational league champions during the 2012-2013 IBA season.

“Its not about the points its about how you play the game” said Gabriel.

“Show up on time, learn from your mistakes, and don’t try to be a star,” said Koepke.


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