Life in a Historic Area

Sheraton 4

On a breezy, clear, and crisp fall afternoon at the Sheraton Hotel, many employers stepped outside for a “breath of fresh air”, where a “cloud” of smoke surrounds the air.

Boston, Massachusetts is filled with smokers who have little time on lunch break, but can still enjoy their music and cigars.

On Thursday, November 14, Dalton Street was packed with numerous teenagers touring the city, or people dressed formally for a casual day on the job, like Will Zarmon.

“I’m on lunch break and I work at the Prudential Center, where the pay could be better,” said Zarmon.

Sheraton 3

“Boston is where I’m from and I call it home,” said Zarmon.

Although the wind continued to vigorously “flap”, it silenced to hear cars flowing in or out of the main lobby’s drop-off area constantly.

Near the hotel, a trolley briefly stops allowing two tourists to exit, who, like several citizens and guests nearby, are engaged in constant conversation.

“Boston is a central location with lots of things around,” said Zarmon, “but the city is too small for me.”

Although small to Zarmon, Boston provided plenty of room for the thousands of high school journalists and seven Wauwatosa West students who partook in the National High School Journalism Convention which came to a close on Sunday morning.