IBA Season Nears

Every year around this time, excitement builds up in the West community — It’s time for the IBA season to begin.

Just a few things that players and teams need to know if the want to play in IBA this year:

  • ONLY 24 teams will be allowed to join IBA this year so you better act fast if you want to make a team this year. Last year, many teams turned in their team packets at the last minute. Putting a limit on the number of teams will encourage teams to get thepacket in on time.
  • Each team must consist of six to twelve players in order to qualify to play. This number has increased from last year to try to cut down the number of teams.
  • No players that are playing for the Wauwatosa West basketball team can join an IBA TEAM. This is what makes IBA fun!
  • On the day of games, players must attend every hour of the school day in order to be eligible to play.
  • IBA guidelines are the same as the guidelines in the Tosa West handbook. If these rules are broken, players will face consequences stated in the IBA packets that are given to each team.
  • All IBA captains must attend the preseason captains meeting on November 18th at 3:25 in room 294
  • Games are every Thursday starting November 21st, with each team having one bye week.

Take this into consideration for the upcoming IBA season!