Five Things You Should Know About Kimberly Football

The Wauwatosa West Trojans varsity football team will square up in a regional battle Friday against the Kimberly Papermakers, one of the best teams in Wisconsin.

In preparation for the game here are five things you should know about Kimberly Football.

1. Kimberly High School athletes are Papermakers. Seems like an odd name, but the town’s main business is all about about papermaking. Have you ever seen Kimberly-Clark stamped on a paper product? That’s them.

2. The Papermakers have an undefeated record in their conference. They are currently undefeated with a 9-0 record overall. The Papermakers have scored an average of 52.4 points per game, outscoring their opponents 472 to 83 overall, scoring at least 35 points in every game and never giving up more than 30 points, and have shut out opponents in two games.

3. The Papermakers have a strong history of success. They were Valley Football Association North Conference champions in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011. They were also 2007 and 2008 Division II State Champions, and in 2009 were 2nd in state.

4. The Papermakers have solid players. According to Tosa West Athletic Director, Jeffrey Gabrielsen, Kimberly’s “#1 running back got hurt, but their backup is good.” Gabrielsen also said Kimberly has a good offensive and defensive line, they run the ball well, and they have a “great quarterback.”

5. The Papermakers have a strong passing and running game. In total Kimberly has 1,236 passing yards and 17 passing Touchdowns. Along with that, they have 1,915 rushing yards and 32 rushing touchdowns. Their quarterback, senior Scott Schreiber, has all 1,236 passing yards, and the two running backs, J.P. Peerenboom and Blair Mulhollan, have 852 and 369 yards, respectively. Their top two receivers, Weston Guilifoyle and Ben Roots, have 389 and 230 total receiving yards, respectively.

To sum this all up, the Kimberly Papermakers are one tough team, and Gabrielsen says that this game is going to be “a big challenge” for Tosa West, and also a “good experience for our guys.” It will certainly be a tough one for the Trojans. So good luck and Go Trojans!

Kimberly Broadcast will be live-streaming the game at 7:00 p.m. Friday. Click here to view the live stream.