Homecoming 2013 Monday – Pirates, Ninjas, and Red, White and Blue

Photographs by: Rachel Campise, Kim Mai, and Maria Wandera

At Wauwatosa West, most students are typically found half-awake, lethargic, or worn out from the previous weekend, but on Monday, September 30, students were excited and ready for a day of classes and fun.

The hallways of Wauwatosa West were full of students costumed as ninjas, pirates, or patriotic citizens, as this was the start of homecoming week 2013.

Senior Katie Rickert, said “Today, I am a ninja because a lot of the seniors decided to dress up as ninjas to show that we are a unified class.”

Although many items displayed on students were pre-planned, others created an outfit at the last minute.

One student, sophomore Gabe Poehls, dressed as a pirate and created a “pirate ship” out of pegboards and a longboard.

“I came up with the idea while I was in church yesterday,” said Poehls, “and I threw it together last minute.”

“I decided to go red, white, and blue,” senior Caitlin Renaud said. “It was easy to work with and I had lots of clothes for the day.”

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