Tosa West Reacts to iOS 7

Apple’s new operating system, released last Wednesday, has received mixed reviews from the Tosa West community.

Junior Angel Manley was initially unsure whether to download the new system.

“I was hesitant to download the iOS 7 because I wasn’t sure what my phone would look like after [installing], and how my phone functions would operate,” she said.

Asked about the cause of his decision to update to the new system, senior Andy Rowley said, “ I wanted it because of all of the new features.” The new features of iOS 7, aside from a general change in appearance, include a redesigned camera app, Control Center, AirDrop for iOS, iTunes radio, easier multitasking, and a notification center.

“I feel like my phone is easier to use, and I sort of like the updated look that my phone has now,” Manley said. “Even though it was shocking at first, and it took awhile for me to get used to it, I am very happy with it.”

Reactions to the system have not been entirely positive, however. Some think the new feature of iTunes Radio could use some refining.

“I would change iTunes Radio to make it skip more than six songs per hour,” said junior Sam Frederick when asked what he would change about the new operating system. “I would probably change the setup of iTunes Radio because it plays a lot of the same songs and doesn’t really update.”

There have also been complaints about the new parallax feature that comes with iOS 7. This effect causes a sense of layered depth, using the device’s gyroscopes and accelerometers.

“I don’t really care for the whole parallax effect going on. I wish that the color of the default apps was more toned down,” junior Annalise Ho said. “These colors are disgustingly bright.”