How to Shop for Homecoming

As homecoming approaches, the excitement of spirit days and other events may make you lose track of time. One thing you can’t save for the last minute is shopping for the homecoming dance. These tips should help the homecoming dance stay stress free.

1. If you are looking for a more extravagant dress, Windsor is the best place to go. There is one located at Brookfield Square Mall and also one in Gurnee Mills, in Gurnee, Illinois. They have a wide variety of dresses with every style and every color. Their prices have a wide range, from expensive to highly affordable.

2. To find more casual dresses or simple styles, Francesca’s is your best option. Francesca’s has locations in both Brookfield Square and the lower level of Mayfair Mall. Their styles focus less on the homecoming look but they still have many different styles, as well as a more diverse variety of patterned and colored dresses than Windsor. Their prices are also a lot more affordable. Even if you don’t find a dress at Francesca’s, the store is still worth your time — they have a great selection of jewelry. The pieces can get expensive, but they’re perfect for most occasions.

3. One big problem with shopping at Windsor or Francescas is the possibility of having the same dress as someone else. They both have perfect dresses for the dance, but many people shop there. If you don’t want to risk an accidental match, one suggestion is going to boutiques. There are many in the Village or even in downtown Milwaukee. Few other high school students attending the dance will think of looking at boutiques, so there’s almost no risk of someone wearing the same dress as you. Any store will be perfect to find a dress but if you want to be certain to avoid unintentional look-alikes, shopping at smaller shops is the best way to go.

4.Having the perfect pair of shoes is essential for the dance. The Designer Shoe Warehouse has all the best styles of shoes. Located on Mayfair Road and North Avenue, DSW is close and convenient. They have any type of heel you may be looking for and also every color. If you need a special pair of shoes to match your special dress, DSW is a great place to find that.

5. Have fun while shopping. Homecoming shouldn’t be a stressful — it should be fun to try to find the right dress and accessories. You can go shopping with your friends so that they can give you their opinions. They’ll understand what you want and will be honest with you, so you can look your best and enjoy homecoming.