Spirit Week Friday: Green and White Day

Friday wrapped up Homecoming week with its annual high-energy pep rally.  Featuring performances by the cheerleaders, the Poms team, the ever popular Man-Poms, and a dodge ball game played by members from each homeroom, the pep rally was a climactic end to a boisterous week.

The new homeroom program was a big part of Homecoming week this year.  Each Homeroom competed against the others in order to win prizes at the end of the week.   These included VIP seating during the Homecoming football game, with couches on the track available for members of the winning homerooms to sit on.  Some students also won free Homecoming dance tickets.

The dodge ball game played during the pep rally was rather chaotic.  With three people from each homeroom on the floor, the mass of students was almost overwhelming and the game took an extremely long time.  Kou Vang, a sophomore that participated in the game, said “It seemed rigged because the seniors won and because the refs kept pushing us into a smaller space when the game area is already small enough.”

Mariah Ruesch was one of the seniors in Challenge that helped facilitate the homeroom competition this year.  “I think in theory it’s a really good idea, but I think there are some kinks that need to be iron out to make it more enjoyable.”  However, some students, including Cheechia Vang, felt that “[The competition] gave homecoming week something different to focus on and made it I more fun.”

After the pep rally, during which the upperclassmen chanted “Stupid freshmen” as per tradition, a portion of the students attended the Powder Puff game.  As usual, the seniors won, much to the chagrin of the freshmen and juniors.

The Homecoming football game against ended in a disappointing loss to Greendale with a score of 8-42.  Despite the result of the game, West students left in high spirits as fireworks lit up the night sky.