Post-Registration 2013-2014

Registration for Wauwatosa West High School for the year 2013-2014 opened on Tuesday the 13th of August to sparse attendance.

According to registration workers Betty Marks and Sara Looker, approximately seven hundred and fifty people had come through registration as of 1:15, far short of the total number of students expected to attend West next year. “Registration ends at two o’clock,” said Looker, “but I don’t see throngs of people [coming to register].” However, says looker, the turnout was “about average” when compared with past numbers.

Observers noted that there wasn’t much of a crowd. Theatre director Adam Steffen noted that registration “was a little slow, both today and yesterday.”

There still is time to register for those who missed registration. These people must go West’s main office to get their forms, and speak to Candice Miller to pay their school fees.

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