2013-2014 Registration

Wauwatosa West High School students will register for the 2013-2014 school year on Tuesday, August 13th from 12pm – 6pm and Wednesday, August 14th from 8am – 2pm. At registration students will turn in important forms, have their picture taken for the school yearbook and school i.d., as well as paying fees for school, activity passes, and/or yearbooks. Most West students will not sign up for classes at registration as student picked their classes last Spring.

At registration, students look forward to reconnecting with their friends as well as getting excited about the new year. “Registration is a reminder of all the fun that comes with summer will end soon. But I do like how it gets you looking forward to clubs and activities of school,” said Junior Maddy Jordan.

Other students see registration day as another step toward graduation. “Registration is bittersweet because summer is over but yet you are starting a new grade which is one year closer to graduation,” says junior Taylor Rudesill.


Although seeing friends is good, registration also means turning in forms. All students have been mailed a packet containing the information and forms they will need to register for the new school year.

Students should bring a signed copy of the following forms: Student Information Form, the Technology Use Agreement and the Student Handbook Acknowledgement form. These three forms MUST be returned during registration. All forms are also available on the school website.

The entire registration process should take no more than 30 minutes depending on the length of the line. Some students think that registration takes a long time due to the long lines. Andy Rowley, a senior, stated that “It takes a long time! And it should go by quicker”. Michelle Cervantes, the principal secretary, believes that lines can go faster “if parents can have the forms completed before they come to registration, this will alleviate long lines”.

Despite the fact that there are not a lot of forms to turn in, the school makes the process pretty easy. “It can be a little confusing, but there are people who guide and direct you so it makes it easier to go through it,” says senior Oliver Niles.

Students can also purchase spirit wear, learn more about West clubs and organizations and buy assignment notebooks. This year assignment notebooks will provide for all Freshmen. Assignment notebooks will be available to all upperclassmen for seven dollars. All students will be using their assignment notes book during the recently expanded advisory period.

Registration also provides entering Freshmen with a nice introduction to their new journey at Wauwatosa West. “Registration is a time when incoming students get to know other students and teachers before the year starts, so i think its a good time to start off the year,” said freshmen Will Awve.

Registration helps incoming students find clubs and activities to stay connected and engaged.