Baseball is Back

It’s that time of the year again — time to get out the grills and brats, because America’s greatest pastime, baseball, is finally here. Baseball fans have been waiting for nearly forever the season to start, but Major League Baseball is back. With the new season come changes to both Miller Park and the Brewers themselves. Here are five things to look forward to in the new season:

If you haven’t been paying attention, here are five things to look forward to in the new Brewer’s season.

1. The “Dew Deck” in right field has gotten a little love. A new twenty five foot rock climbing wall in the shape of a Mountain Dew in the right field stands, will be hard to miss. The area also gets some new lighting, new ceilings and new flat screen televisions for those standing in concession lines. Usually this area is reserved for large groups. The Home Plate Lounge also has new new carpeting, a new concierge desk, and a chef’s counter.

2. Just weeks before Opening Day the Brewers acquired Kyle Lohse from free agency. He was signed to a three-year $33 million deal on March twenty-fifth. So let’s hope he can help out our pitching alongside of our Ace, Yovani Gallardo. This is what the Brewers have been looking for, after losing Zack Greinke last year, and they could use more of it if they can. But we’ll take what we can get for now. So watch out for Lohse.

3. Throughout last season and the past offseason the brewers have been calling up a plethora of players and some have good stats through our minor league system. Nowadays it’s all about the young talent that is coming up through the farm systems. That’s exactly what the Brewers want, and you just can’t get enough of it. Look out for the Rookies.

4. We have all heard of the stories of Ryan Braun being linked with Performance Enhancing Drugs, or “PEDs,” in the last two off-seasons, and Braun seems determined to grab another MVP, and show once again that you can win without PEDs. Not only that but, Braun always puts on an exciting hitting display. So let’s hope Braun can come through again and put up big numbers. Look out for Braun.

5. Ever since the Brewers traded away shortstop J.J. Hardy, they have had trouble finding a good shortstop and keeping him there. This year they used Jean Segura as their starting shortstop, and they have also managed to keep last year’s shortstop Alex Gonzalez by re-signing Gonzalez to a one-year $1.5 million contract. The Crew also was able to reacquire the starting shortstop from 2011, Yuniesky Betancourt, by signing Betancourt to a one year deal. Look out at shortstop.

No matter what has happened in the first three games of the year, it’s a long season, so anything can and will happen. The most important thing of all is that Brewers baseball is back.