Club Picture Day Assists Yearbook Staff in Producing School Yearbook

Wauwatosa West students participated in the annual yearbook club picture day on January 15th, 2013. The day is organized by the school yearbook students which is supervised by Business Education teacher Dan Prothero. Students were heading down to the learning center all day to get their pictures taken with their clubs.

Matt Van Erden, student at Wauwatosa West says “I like picture day, I get to show off my face to the yearbook with all of the clubs and groups that I am in.”

Senior Beth Pierce, who is on the yearbook committee, says that it can be a very hectic day for her and the rest of the yearbook staff.

“People just chill down here in the Learning Center and they try to jump into every picture, but they clearly are not in that club! But don’t worry, I got it under control.”

Keeping everyone in line and from jumping in pictures is just one challenge, but senior Jessica Pike, a yearbook editor says “getting everyone organized and in line before the picture is a major problem. Some people just don’t want to cooperate with us, and it just makes our job harder.”

Dan Prothero, who is the teacher in charge of the yearbook states that “getting the times scheduled for the pictures might be the hardest part, but the biggest part is getting everyone there on time and in line ready for their picture.”

The yearbook will be published in the Spring. It will be distributed the last week of school during the week immediately preceding exams. Each book will cost $85. Order forms are available from Business Education teacher Dan Prothero.