Annual Kinderkonzert Engages Young and Old Children in Holiday Spirit

Children attending the annual Wauwatosa West Kinderkonzert have a full holiday experience.  Children listen to stories, visit a variety of arts and crafts stations, handle and play a wide variety of instruments, listening to the Wauwatosa West Orchestra play Christmas songs and, of course, have a chance to visit with the big man himself – Santa Claus.

Wauwatosa West Special Education teacher Janet Kalpinkski, attended the Kinderkonzert with her young daughter Kia.  “I’ve seen it advertised for years, but I’ve never went. We have an 18 month old daughter, and she really enjoyed it”. Kalpinski said her daughters favorite parts were “dancing and singing to the music, making ornaments and crafts, and also getting to touch and play some of the instruments.”

The concert isn’t just for little kids to have a fun time, it is also a way for the Wauwatosa West music program to reach out and showcase the talents of student musicians.

“The Kinderkonzert benefits the students in it and also the kids who attend it. It puts the orchestra, band, and entire music program out in public. It gives not only a good name to the school, but specifically the Music Department.” said Wauwatosa West Orchestra teacher David Topolovec.

Many students playing in the orchestra dressed in red and green Christmas clothes or costumes.   “It makes our part more fun and keeps us entertained” says Alex Zimmerman.

Senior Susie Shively said her favorite part was seeing Santa. “The concert is really all about bring joy to the little kids who live in tosa! It’s really fun to help them all out with their art projects at the end.”

Even Alumni wanted to attend the Kinderconcert  Matt Zanton, a 2011 Wauwatosa West graduate said, “It’s something to do on a Saturday afternoon. I get to come see all my old friends from West and hear them play Christmas songs.”

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