New Bike Rack in West Parking Lot Gets Mixed Reactions

The columns of metal loops and grey bricks which stretch alongside the gym near the West parking lot is not another high ropes course or rock climbing wall, but rather a new bike rack built for student use. It replaces an older bike rack which in between two rows of cars in the middle of parking lot.

Principal Frank Calarco said “It is a brand new bike rack for students because the bike rack in the middle of the parking lot was just plain stupid and unsafe.”

A new section for bicycles was put into action by the Wauwatosa Director of Construction and Building, Tom Kulczewski. “I thought of the idea because one day after school I saw a students take off his bike and hit a car, that was the signal to me for change.”

The new bike racks create a mixed feeling in Tosa West. Opinions vary throughout the student body.

For Junior Jestine Langlas, a regular bike rider, “It’s nice, it’s new and although I haven’t used it yet, it looks like a fancy contraption.”

And even some students who don’t ride bikes, appreciate the change. Freshmen Liz Roberts said “I personally do not use it, but I think it’s nice for the people that actually ride bikes, making our school more eco-friendly.”

Yet some students think the money could be spent elsewhere. Sophomore Courtney Page said, “Its a waste of money because nobody rides their bike to school and people are unaware its back there.”

Global Studies teacher Mary Johnston said “Students will have a secure place to lock their bikes. I lock my bike inside because I am still unsure about the safety of it outside.”

Despite the split of opinion, the new bike racks will serve the members of the Tosa West community who use two wheeled transportation for getting themselves to and from school.