Citizens Question Milwaukee Police at Protests

With signs reading “Chief Flynn has got 2 go,” citizens of Milwaukee Protest against the Chief of the Milwaukee Police Department on the afternoon of November 18. Led by Khalil Coleman, these rallies are organized to get Flynn to step down from his position as Chief.

On Sunday November 11th, four of Khalil Coleman’s protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct in the streets of downtown Milwaukee. They were arrested because they marched in the streets blocking traffic, so this time (Sunday November 18th) the protesters took a different approach.

“Today we will obey the law, but we want the law to understand that this is just the beginning, and we will not be silent in the face of injustice.” Shouted Coleman during his Sunday protest on a Fox 6 news segment.

These protesters, along with many other Milwaukee county civilians are enraged because of the death of James Perry in 2010, and Derek Williams in 2011 both while under Milwaukee Police Department custody. Relatives of these two men are very thankful of the protesters, and publicly thank them at these rallies.

According to Coleman these protests will not stop until Chief Flynn steps down, so Milwaukee can count on a protest each Sunday until that happens.

Students and Faculty of Wauwatosa West are aware of these deaths and protest as well, and they too have opinions on these issues.

“I think it’s legitimate for the community to be enraged with the police department, I just hope nobody else gets arrested because that will make the protest look bad.” said social studies teacher Mary Johnston.