Homecoming Day 1: Toga Day

Togas of all colors and levels of effort appeared all over the school on Monday October 8th and marked the beginning of Wauwatosa West’s Spirit Week. Classic white togas were seen next to pink Care Bear togas and Green Bay Packers togas.
Claire Wojnowiak, a senior, enjoyed toga day because, “It was different from the usual jersey day or era day.”

There was even a relatively high amount of participation from the teachers. Along with the student competition, the teachers are having their own points battle.

Josh Koch, a junior, said, “I thought it was interesting, but I’m not sure it was well thought out by the school district or entirely school appropriate.” Students who did not initially wear shirts under their togas were told they must. The problem of students not wearing clothes under their togas has caused other school districts to ban toga day.

Danielle Ajeku, a senior, said, “I think there was a really great turnout. I didn’t dress up, but it was definitely cool. And there were some pretty sweet togas.”

Although participation seemed high some major groups seemed missing. Daniel Prothero, buisness teacher at West, came into Andy Zietlow’s seventh hour Challenge class with a challenge of his own. He had noticed that a good portion of the freshmen had not participated in toga day. Students met his testament with murmurs of agreement. His challenge was for the seniors to convince the freshmen to participate. After some brainstorming and some rather colorful suggestions, the students decided some simple encouragement and leading by example could remedy this problem. Prothero left with high hopes that freshman participation would increase as the week continued.


Photographs by: Nick Moroder, Gabby Verette, Caylin Rosene, Kou Vang and Ty Stoltenburg

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