Spirt Week Wednesday: Down South/Costume Day

Day three of 2010’s Homecoming Week started off with an epic light saber battle as Darth Maul (Mr. Prothero) and a challenging Jedi (Mr. Matekse) battled it out in both the hallway outside the history wing, and the Learning Center.  Students gathered to watch, cheering and taking pictures.  After all, it’s not every day that West teachers challenge each other to duels. 

                Wednesday was another dual-themed day: students had the opportunity to either dress up as people hailing from the Deep South, or to wear a costume of their choice.  Mitch Lahmann arrived at school today sporting a Gumby costume; Alec Redlich, wearing a giant pink foam board cut out in the shape of the southern states.  A mass of plaid could also be seen as students across the school sported bib overalls, plaid button-downs, and straw hats. 

                Some looks drew more attention than others.  “I think the best costume was the two Flintstones,” said Sydney Stepniewski.  “That was adorable.”   She was referring to Kyle Klein and Morgan Sieglaff, who dressed up as Fred Flintstone and Wilma Flintstone, respectively.  Senior Ali Sauter agreed that the couple looked charming, but also said, “Mateske and Prothero as Star Wars characters [were] really funny too.” 

                Associate Principal Paul Thusius was pleased with the way Spirit week has commenced thus far.  “I think it’s been great so far,” he said.  “I think everyone’s been having more fun this year, but are respecting the boundaries that allow us to have fun.”    

                Angelique Mitchell said she personally has enjoyed this year’s spirit days more than those of previous years.  “The outfits today were different…they were really different,” she said.  “I think [this week] has been fun.  It’s been way better than last year,” she added. 

                With students checking in with their homeroom teachers to earn points toward the homecoming competition between homerooms, it will be interesting to see if there have been higher levels of participation in spirit days this year than in the past.

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