Challenge Students Visit Milwaukee Art Museum

On Friday, April 20th, seniors taking West’s Challenge Seminar visited the Milwaukee Art Museum in conjunction with their current unit on art and the nature of aesthetics. In addition to the museum’s permanent displays, students were able to view the pieces in the “Accidental Genius” exhibit, which featured works from many self-taught artists. Challenge teachers Andy Zietlow and Chad Mateske accompanied the students.

According to Zietlow, there were two main reasons for the trip. “The first was the aesthetic pleasure,” said Zietlow, adding, “After studying something you need to do it. It was a new way [for students] of looking and thinking about art.” The second deals with a project the students will be undertaking later in the quarter. “We’re going to do a little creative tangent and create an ad campaign for a traveling art show,” said Zietlow. Students will be taking an in-depth look at how the eight aesthetic principles work and the effects they have on how art is viewed in today’s society.

Many students, including Meghan Canfield, thoroughly enjoyed the visit. “I love any opportunity to go to the art museum,” said Canfield, who has taken art classes all four years of high school. Because of her extensive knowledge on the subject, she didn’t learn too much new information about aesthetics. “What I did learn added to what I knew and added to my appreciation for what I saw,” she said.