Multicultural Fair

At 6:00 on Thursday, March 29th, Wauwatosa West High School’s second annual Multicultural Fair began. Throughout the night, visitors learned about the cultural heritage of West students.

Some students like senior Zaina Lalk, manned booths with information about their cultural background. Lalk, who taught visitors about her Polish background, said “I wanted to share my heritage with other people.”

Presentations, including dancing and singing, took place throughout the evening in the Learning Center. In fact, the dances performed by some of West’s Asian students were crowd favorites. Josie McMurphy, a seventh grader at Whitman Middle School, said, “The dancing was really cool,” adding, “I like the food too, especially the cheesecake.”

Many also enjoyed the crafts available for younger children. Math teacher Amy Fetherston brought her children to this year’s fair. “We’re here to see all the different cultures, to do some crafts,” she said. “And to have fun,” added her seven-year-old son Simon.

Dean Heus, another local parent who brought his young son to the fair, was also pleased with the event. “We’ve been having fun,” he said, adding, “We were here last year and had a lot of fun then too. I [like] to see older students get involved—it makes it come alive.”