Eels Concert Review

After walking up two flights of stairs and into a small room with plaster falling from the ceiling, we did not have high hopes for the Eels concert. The Turner Hall Ballroom, within which it was to be played, seemed at first to be an old, decrepit building.

As the night wore on, however, our opinion of the building changed. There were many amazing events that took place that night, and it ended up being one of the best concerts we have ever witnessed. First, despite the fact that we arrived directly on time, we were able to simply walk to the front of the stage. After an hour-long wait, the room had filled up and the entertainment began. Much to our surprise, to precede the concert, the opening act was a sword juggler instead of another band. As crazy as it sounds, the sword juggler was actually perfectly enjoyable and was a perfect way to start the concert. When this was done, everyone (including ourselves) waited anxiously until finally The Eels began to take their place on the stage one by one in their matching attire.

One of the most unexpected aspects of that night was how their live singing sounds exactly like it was taken straight from one of their albums. Songs such as “Novocaine for the Soul,” “Fresh Blood,” “Fly swatter” and ‘Fresh Feeling” were some of the crowd favorites.

People from various age groups attended the concert. However, most people at the concert were in their late twenties. Whenever the Eels’popular songs were played, everyone danced and sang along enthusiastically. The crowd was so engaged that E decided to do two encores.

This made their portion of the concert about one and a half hours long, making it well worth the $22.50 we spent on tickets. Also, E’s stage presence kept the concert lively and entertaining. He would often talk and joke with people in the audience and at one point he actually brought his dog out on to the stage. As bizarre as it was, it all tied in well and made for an awesome concert. At the end of the night we went home feeling excited, and we all realized that this concert was one that we would never be able to forget.