Easy Halloween Toffee Bars

Reporter: Sabrina Black
Photographer: Natalee DeBruin

These toffee bars are made up of three basic layers: chocolate on top, then a toffee layer, then saltine crackers. They all complement each other and combine to make around thirty of the scrumptious treats.

I was pleasantly surprised upon using this recipe for the first time. While the addition of saltines sounded as if they would spoil the treat, in fact they improved it. The saltines are softened by the chocolate, but still add a satisfying crispness to each bite. Also, the crackers’ salt supplements what would otherwise be an overly-sweet bar.

The only alteration I made to this recipe is that I added a dash of vanilla to the sugar and butter mixture.

Another benefit of the recipe is that it is very simple. It has few ingredients and steps. It does not take very long to make, and there is little opportunity for error.

The only disadvantage of these bars is that they are highly addictive. It is vital to pack away the rest of the bars immediately after removing one, or you will shortly look up to find that you have unwittingly devoured half of them.

Taste-tester Sarah Wadsworth claims “I would never have guessed there were only a few ingredients. It all comes together so wonderfully!”

So, perhaps this Halloween you’ll make your own treat to gorge on!