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Not Going to Homecoming?

10 Things to Do if You Don’t Want to Go Can’t Go to the Homecoming Dance

Article by Juli Johnson
Illustration by Jessie Suson

So it’s that time of year again. Leaves are changing, the football season is here and fall fashion has come again. I can’t forget that one other thing 99% of all high schools have – homecoming. It’s a big football game and dance, but it may not be for everyone.

Of course, there may be more reasons not to go. The new policy banning any student with an “F” on their first quarter progress report will eliminate at least a few from the fun.

Or, you might flat out not want to go. Whether it may be because you’re grounded, stuck babysitting your siblings, the guy/girl you asked said no, you don’t like dances or you’re convinced that the school will burst into flames if you go, you won’t be seen at West on October 15th.

So what should you do? Here are 10 things probably more fun than going to homecoming.

1) MOVIES: Go see something on the big screen, and I’m not talking about sitting in front of your television. Unless, that is, you are having a movie night, because those are always fun.

2) GO TO A CONCERT: The Rave has 2 shows that night. Get Scared, which is genre-rock with tickets only $11.50 plus taxes (I would highly suggest Get Scared, look up Sarcasm) and Elliot Root: genre- pop of unannounced ticket cost.

3) HOME: Just totally forget going out and being with people. Stay home, as lame as that sounds. But hey, you don’t have to worry about not being in your pj’s, or doing your hair or showering or even wearing pants. You can just watch your favorite movie or play video games or both and eat junk food and drink soda.

4) GO EXPLORE: Walk around your house and find something interesting. Poke it with a stick. Better yet, poke that black hole called your room and find something you haven’t seen in years. Chances are you’ll have fun with it until you get hungry or your find something cooler!

5) COOKING: Try to learn how to cook without setting something on fire. Show off your mad grilled-cheese skills and invite some people over. Each person makes one thing and you’ll either end up with a lot of burned things, or something really yummy.

6) SHOPPING: Yeah, I think that’s a winner. Even if you are not Mr./Ms. Richyrich right now, it can be fun. Mayfair may have its infamous rule, but Brookfield doesn’t. Look at clothes, shoes, and skateboards, and try on ridiculous clothes you would never wear (no less buy) in a million years. You’ll get laughs, especially when you wear those heals that are way too high for you!

7) STUCK: I am most definitely not going to suggest you do your homework for the class that got you the F… It’s Saturday night! Watch SNL.

8 ) TIMELESS: As we all know, West is getting old. It’s turning the big 50…if you want to do something that’s fun and probably older than the school, then go bowling. Who knows — you might win.

9) ANTI-HOMECOMING: You could throw one of those. You know: play good music, wear whatever ya want, and don’t worry who’s coming. And if someone you don’t like shows up, isn’t it your house?

10) PARTY: 2 words: “DANCE” and “PARTY”– Dance Party. Get speakers, someone with good taste in music and blast your tunes. If you get worn out from the dancing, play the game that never ends: Monopoly.

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