West Gets New Tennis Courts

During the summer you may have noticed a lot of construction going on by the tennis courts. The old courts were ripped down, so now the Wauwatosa West tennis team has a fresh set of new blue and green courts. The money came from the district capital improvement funds, and our school has been asking for this money for 5 years. The school’s old tennis courts were there for about 42 years. They were the original courts constructed in the year 1969, which was 8 years after Wauwatosa West opened.

It was very important that these old courts be replaced because they were deteriorating to the point of being hazardous. According to Wauwatosa West’s new Athletic Director, Jeffrey Gabrielsen, other schools were actually refusing to play tennis matches at West because of the terrible condition of the courts. Members of the girls’ tennis team are happy with the change. Varsity senior Megan Falk says, “I’m happy that our team won’t be known for having the worst courts in the conference anymore”. She is also excited to have brand new courts for her final year on the tennis team. Another Varsity senior, Ellen Sauter, is also happy with the changes. “I think the best part is the California corners, so the balls don’t run onto your teammate’s courts.”

Not only were new courts put in, but the entire configuration of the area was improved, and a new spectator section was built. Now there is an area on the sides of the courts with bleachers, so all parts of the courts can be seen well. Megan’s mom, Wendy Falk, loves that the bleachers are on the side of the courts for an easier view. She said, “I like that you can watch matches from the walkway in between the courts too, so you are able to focus on a specific match.” Sauter is also happy with the spectator section. She loves the viewing accessibility.

The new tennis courts are already turning out to be a good fix to our school. Hopefully they will stay strong and be there for many tennis teams to come.

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