The Big Game: West Vs. East

T-O-S-A West, West, West!!! The chanting of Wauwatosa West’s Trojans fills the air as the team does its customary warm-up jumping jacks. But despite their enthusiasm, are the Wauwatosa West Trojans “Good” enough to outsmart the Wauwatosa East Red Raiders?

You’ll have to see on August 20th at Hart Park at 7:00 pm.

The Trojans’ Head Coach, Matt Good, said “I think we have a more talented team and kids that have the desire and passion to win.” He sounds pretty confident that this pre-season rivalry game won’t end like the last game when they played against Red Raiders 15 years ago.

So why after 15 years do the rivals meet again? If they play each other in every other sport, why not battle it out in football as well? And whose idea was it anyway? According to Good, it was a combination of Coach Wolter’s (Tosa East), and his idea, as well as Dr. Ertl’s; As to why they felt this was a good idea, Good says “this game is great for the community.”

I had a chance to ask Brandon Moy who plays Center for the Trojans how he feels about this game, and if he feels like they’re working harder because they know they’re playing their rivals. Moy said “This is a great idea,” and continues, “We should always be working hard, but East gives us that extra motive to play them on Saturday night.”

Brion Felix, middle linebacker and offense of tackle, agrees with Moy: “I think this is a good idea because we never get to play East, so having this game means a lot for us players.”

This pre-season rivalry game seems to be liked by coaches, players, and the community, so what about having this event happen annually? Good says, “I would [like that]; it is great for the kids and the community. Both programs need this game to really sell our programs to the community.”

Come out on Saturday evening and support the Tosa West Trojans as they take on the Tosa East Red Raiders! Hopefully all of the hard work the players and coaches have put into football will all pay off! Good luck guys!