Associate Principal Paul Thusius Leaves West for Greenfield High School

The title of associate principal has always invoked power and responsibility among students.

Next year, Associate Principal Paul Thusius will be leaving Wauwatosa West High school to become the Principal of Greenfield High School in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

According to Thusius the change should not come as too much of a surprise as every assistant principal will at sometime aspire to become the head principal. However, Thusius is pleased with his time spent at West. “Just looking at my time at this high school, I feel that this has been the best year I’ve ever had.”

However, reaction among West students and staff can be generally characterized as disappointed.

The reaction of Junior Mary Migdal-Grunow was typical of the comments from students. According to Migdal-Grunow, ‘ I did not know that he was leaving, but now that I do it is so sad.”

Teachers had similar reactions.

Art teacher Jessica Bellich commented, “I am not happy about it. He does an excellent job here (at west), but he deserves the principal position at Greenfield.”

It is not surprising to students and staff that Thusius would be the choice for Principal at Greenfield.

According to Conrad D. Farner, the superintendent commented, “Mr. Thusius has an excellent grasp of effective instructional practices and has provided active leadership in many capacities as both a teacher and a building administrator.”

Thusius was in his third year as Associate Principal at West and had taught for 19 years at Whitman Middle School.

Reporter: Isaac Micheals
Photographer: Kelli McCalligan