Freshmen Looking Forward to New Semester


Makaya Strother

The new semester started on Tuesday, January 23rd. 9th graders adjusted to high school during 1st semester, and look forward to making changes or keeping things the same for 2nd semester.

“I’ve learned that throughout all of the challenges, I have really persevered through all of them. I really just see myself growing each and every day through this semester and I hope I grow this next semester as well,” said Freshman Khalil Barki. 

Most freshmen at Tosa West enjoyed their first ever semester. Even though it was a very different environment at first, they pushed themselves through.

“At first it was kind of nerve racking, you have all of these questions because you don’t know the school, and I tried to get to know new people because I didn’t really know anybody. It was definitely a new experience for me. It was different,” said Freshman Janae Whitten.

Students were worried on their first day of school. Worried about not fitting in, the work or high school being too hard overall, but after a full semester at Tosa West, students are feeling more comfortable in the situation.

“I heard stories about high school that were a lot worse, but honestly I’m chilling. I think it’s nice, it’s not as bad as people said,” said Jeffrey Bolden.

Students are worried they won’t have any friends in certain classes. Some students are even talking to counselors about schedule changes, and most already switched their schedules. 

“I switched my schedule mainly because of my lunch hour. They gave me A lunch, but I really wanted to keep B lunch, so I set up a meeting with my counselor and we got it switched,” said Gianna Clementi.

Some students are interested in taking classes that help them explore new ideas and new ways of thinking.“I’m looking forward to doing culinary arts. It sounds fun and I get to eat. I’m looking forward to ceramics too,” said Michael Nembhard. 

Freshmen are proud of what they have done for their first semester. “I’m proud of the fact that I’m passing with all A’s and one B. That’s insane. I’m just proud of my grades overall for this semester,” said Oliver Yang

Even though students are proud of what they have accomplished, some also wish that they have done some things differently for the second semester.

“Every other day I am going to work on my classes.  I work on my first three hours Monday,  Wednesday and Thursday.  I think I need to focus on English more,” said Teontae Jones.

Freshman Sophya Urizabel also has new goals: “I’m gonna try to actually pay attention. I’m going to try to do my work in class too instead of waiting until the last minute to do it,” she said. 

Overall, 9th graders enjoyed their first semester ever of high school, and can’t wait for the future. It was difficult and new, but they tried their best to push themselves through and learn more about themselves and the world around them. “I’ve learned that being around other people can bring the most out of me and I can be myself. I think this semester was really cool and I had fun,” said Kody Xiong.