Prairie Club Builds Peer Connections While Supporting School Prairie


Makaya Strother

Flowers, trees, bugs, leaves, and all things nature are topics being discussed in the Tosa West Prairie Club. Each member of the Prairie Club finds their own connection to the environmental focus of the club.

“It reminds me of the chill vibes of being outdoors.” said Freshman Kody Xiong.

Vice President of Prairie Club, Senior Lydia Cordova joined the club during her freshman year.

“And honestly I didn’t think we had a gardening club of sorts and the prairie club was the closest thing we did have.” said Cordova.

Cordova thinks prairie club is a nice club to have in the school because it helps bring recognition to the environment and helps students understand to take better care of it.

“Well it means taking care of our environment. Not only that, but it’s like beautifying it as well. Making it a better place to be around.” said Cordova.

For Tosa West science teacher Bill Lund, the Prairie Club is a place where students can connect with other students who share an interest in the environment, the outdoors and prairies.

 “Community, peacefulness, and rebellion bringing the prairie back that was once here.” Said Tosa West Science teacher and advisor to the Prairie Club.  Lund started the club in 2005. Lund said, “Bringing back what the United States had before the Europeans took everything out.” Which is one of the many reasons Lund started the club.

“It’s a nice melting pot for kids to gather and enjoy each other and enjoy a little bit of peace with the prairie and stuff. And I think that’s the biggest thing, just a nice refuge for people to go, another option for kids to meet.”

Prairie Club activities are different every week. Tuesday, October 25th, the prairie club held a Halloween party, with Kahoots, crossword puzzles, painting, snacks and much more. 

The prairie is located in front of the parking lot here at West. In the prairie, there are different species of plants and other organisms. The members of Prairie Club have a job to take care of the prairie and all things in it.

“Prairie Club is mostly about getting with friends and enjoying yourself after school,” said Senior Hannah Kabelowsky. “I think having a garden is just overall great for the environment.” 

Senior Kabelowsky joined during their Junior year after becoming aware of the club while taking a class with Lund. 

“I was in environmental science with Mr. Lund. And during that class, we’d go outside to like, observe nature and stuff. And I really enjoyed going out to the prairie. So I wanted to join the prairie club. And I already had some friends in prairie club and I kind of was one of the main members last year.”

“I’m in Prairie Club because I think nature is really cool and I like having a place where students at West can tend to plants and the Earth, it’s really cool.” Said Junior Kelly Weber. 

Weber believes the club is a space for students to make connections and raise awareness about the environment and nature in the school. 

”I think prairie club is really important because if clubs like this didn’t exist around the country around the globe, awareness wouldn’t be brought to nature and there would be false information.”

Prairie Club highlights the importance of plants and the environment. In the Prairie Club, students are advocates for helping the environment. The club holds meetings every Tuesday in Room 124. It is open for everybody to come, even if you aren’t a frequent member of the club, and it is open for anybody to join at any time. 

“Prairie Club is mostly about getting with friends and enjoying yourself after school,” said member of the Prairie Club, Hannah Kabelowsky. 

The activities held during Prairie Club meetings are different every Tuesday. Those activities vary from going outside to take a look at the prairie located in front of the school to staying inside and doing fun kahoots while eating snacks.