New Teacher Feature: Mrs. Wurdemann


Andrew Holton, East Staff Writer

What do you teach? 

I teach Child Development, Health and Med Careers, CNA, and Independent Living. It’s all a part of the Family and Consumer Sciences  Department. I will also teach Relationships 101 and Teaching & Working with children, but they aren’t currently running this semester.

Have you taught before? 

I taught in Racine for six years and at Arrowhead for one.

Have you had to adjust to a new school? How?

This is the 4th time in my career that I’ve replaced a retiring teacher. They leave a lot of stuff behind which is a blessing and curse. There’s a lot of really cool resources but there’s also a lot that needs to be thrown away and there isn’t a whole lot of time to sort through it.

Why did you choose Wauwatosa East? 

I’ve been wanting to work closer to my home so that I can be more involved with stuff outside of school. Both of the schools I used to work at were 40 minutes away and it made it hard to attend the school plays and athletic events and be more involved outside of the classroom. I also like how diverse and progressive this district is.

What made you choose teaching? 

School was always my happy place – I was really good at it. A lot of times I’d finish my work before other kids so I ended up helping them finish. I knew I wanted to be a teacher in elementary school, but I didn’t know what kind of teacher until I got to high school.

Favorite part of teaching or the subject you teach?

I love that Family and Consumer Sciences is so applicable to life. No matter what you choose to do after high school, you’ll have to spend/save money, cook/eat, wear clothes, live somewhere, get medical care, and interact with people and Family and Consumer Sciences covers all of that!

Has anything been difficult for you so far? 

It’s hard teaching four completely different classes – there’s a lot to prepare, study, and grade. I also have two kids under two at home so there isn’t any time outside of school for me to work on stuff. 

What is your ideal start to a school day?

If I was an amazing morning person, I’d make myself a Chai Tea and listen to music and just chill/meditate. But right now, a good start to the day is when both the babies stay asleep so I can get ready uninterrupted.

What do you do with your free time? 

I spend most of my time at home with the babies. Linnea will be two at the end of November, and Thalia is seven months old. When it’s warm we like to play outside, but otherwise we read books, draw/paint, and dance to Cocomelon.

Do you have any passions or hobbies?

I love to sing and if I had more free time I’d love to do gigs, but I have a feeling that won’t be for a few years. I also enjoy quilting and board games. 

What do you value the most in your life?

As cheesy as it sounds, my babies are the center of my universe. Every decision I make from here on out will ultimately come down to what’s best for them.

One thing you want your students to remember about you?

Above all else, I hope my students know that I care. I care about them and I care about what I’m teaching.