Behind The Desk: Mrs. Folta


Sarah Heimerl, East Staff Writer

What do you teach?

I currently teach three sections of Geometry and two sections of Algebra 2. However, I have taught Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and GED prep in my time as a teacher. 

What do you do with your free time?

In my free time I like to spend time with my husband and two daughters (1 and 3 years old). We enjoy doing anything outside – parks, walks, running, etc. Having two kids under 3 years old keeps me very busy and on my toes! If I find myself with any additional time I enjoy gardening, baking (a very limited number of items) or catching up on tv shows. 

What is one thing you want your students to know about you?

I want students to know that they can talk to me and [that] I value honesty above all else. I understand that things come up, homework gets forgotten, sports can get in the way, etc. Just talk to me – tell me what’s going on. Don’t try to lie your way out of a situation. Honesty goes a long way with me. 

Have you taught before?

I taught for nine years prior to coming to Tosa East. I spent all of this time at Vincent H.S. in MPS. Working there taught me a lot and helped me develop my teaching style, form relationships, and taught me how to adapt to many different classroom situations.  While I enjoyed my time there, I was looking for a change of environment and I’m happy to have found my way to Tosa East.  In addition to that I have held various summer school positions including teaching for Sussex Hamilton (high school and 1st grade math) and at WCTC teaching their GED course. 

What motivates you to teach?

High school is such an exciting but yet stressful time for students. There is so much going on for everyone and it can be a lot to navigate. Everyone is learning the balance between schoolwork, friendships, family, work, etc. I enjoy being a part of that story. Whether it’s because a student really enjoys my math class, or they feel they are able to talk to me about their personal life, I enjoy forming those connections with students and being a little piece of their story – seeing what they do with their future beyond my class. 

What made you choose to teach math?

Math always came easy to me. I seemed to understand it quickly and did well in high school and early college courses, [so] when it was time to declare a major and [I had] decided on teaching, math was the natural fit. I did consider teaching economics for a little bit. I loved the economics courses I took in college and actually got my minor in it.  

What is your favorite thing about Tosa East so far?

The students! I enjoy having full classes and a variety of different students to teach and work with. 

What is your favorite after school snack?

If I want something sweet it’s got to be a dark chocolate sea salt caramel. If I’m in the mood for a more filling snack it’s pretzel thins with cheese spread.