Principal Swap – Advice from East to West

Vivienne Andersen

Tosa East Principal Nick Hughes is the acting Principal of Tosa West as of January 10th, 2022. The shift across town is in response to West Principal Ebony Grice going on medical leave until March. Finding some good natured-humor in the situation, East students offered advice to West students on what to expect from Mr. Hughes.

“He’s very unpredictable, which can be fun. Hopefully he brings all his cardboard cutouts to West, they make every day special,” said senior Meera Gajria.

West students should also prepare for eccentric announcements and iconic jokes.

“Expect the announcements to be late, strange, and monotone,” Gajria said.

Although they wish him well, East students hope Mr. Hughes remembers where his loyalties lie. Several hope he continues to sport East gear and warn against returning to East with any swag from West.

“I would be furious [if he came back sporting Tosa West merchandise],” said junior Eliza Thurs. 

Others are weary that he’ll bring back more than unsavory West-Side Pride.

“I just hope he doesn’t bring back any cockroaches,” said an anonymous student.

In all seriousness, Mr. Hughes is well-regarded by East students, and they look forward to having him back in a few months once Mrs. Grice can return to West.

“I appreciate the way he cares for his students,” Dietzler said.