Tosa West vs Tosa East Boys’ Basketball Game on December 10th

Jude Seabrook


The Wauwatosa West basketball team faces off against Wauwatosa East at 7:30 pm in one of the most anticipated matchups of the year. The game will be a sell-out with high prospect players on the court.

With so many people in attendance for Friday’s game there are going to be many eyes on the court to watch the talent on both teams. 

Some players to look out for are Leon Bond of Wauwatosa East, a 6’6 small forward committed to the University of Virginia and a returning state champion from 2020. Colin Hardrick of Wauwatosa West is a 6’4 combo guard with multiple college offers. He previously set the all time single scoring record in Wauwatosa West school history during the previous season. 

Practice how you play is what people say. Knowing the other team and knowing what to expect is a big part of success for teams.

“We have been really going over the defensive end of the ball, going through our matchups making sure we are prepared. We gotta make sure we do the little things right because those matter,” said Hardrick.

In last year’s rivalry games Wauwatosa East took both of the two. Though these games are one of the most exciting all year, fans were limited due to COVID protocols. This year students are allowed to attend and the gym will be sold out.

“I can’t wait to see the stands packed. Student sections and fans are one of the biggest things about the rivalry and the energy in the gym is going to be unmatched. Growing up we dream of these games so I’m excited for the atmosphere,” said Bond.

In an email sent to students, families and staff, the Wauwatosa West Athletic Administrators laid out the process for obtaining tickets. 

Due to the anticipated high attendance at the boys basketball game vs Tosa East on Friday, Dec. 10th, and the district policy that is still in effect for 50% capacity, tickets will be distributed prior to the game. One ticket will be available for a high school student to obtain. Seniors will have the first chance to obtain tickets after school on Wednesday in the learning center, and can obtain them at any time until tickets are sold out.  Juniors will be able to get tickets prior to school on Thursday in the learning center, sophomores at lunch on Thursday at the activities office, and freshman after school on Thursday,” the email stated.

 Game time was previously at 7:00 pm but was moved to 7:30 PM to give fans from the freshman and junior varsity games time to clear out of the gym. Ticket prices for adults are $4.00 and for children, $2.00. Tickets for students are free. Live streaming will be available for those that can not attend on the Tosa West Athletics YouTube Page