Community Service and Food Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly


Aaron Silva

Evan standing with the peanut butter that was collected for the Tosa Cares Pantry. “It was more than I expected.” he said.

Aaron Silva

The Wauwatosa Key Club collected over 70 peanut butter jars over a two week period. The drive was started by Evan Olson, a member of Students Honor Society. The jars that were collected will be donated to the Tosa food pantry  located on the corner of 120th and North Avenue. 

Evan Olson, a member of the Students Honor Society was tasked with leading a project. He came up with the idea of the peanut butter drive after he learned of the Tosa Cares Pantry. 

“I decided peanut butter because it was the most accessible for most people.” said Olson 

 Olson is a fan of peanut butter so much that he found it difficult to find the best way to eat it.

“I like peanut butter. It goes good on everything, especially toast but I like it best on a banana sandwich which is just bread, banana and peanut butter.”

Key Club President and Tosa West Senior Shannon Damuth shared how excited she was about the idea of the peanut butter drive

“I thought it was a great idea because it’s giving peanut butter to local food pantries and it’s a great way to give to community members who are in need of some peanut butter and it is also an easy way to donate,” said Damuth. 

Damuth believes Key Club gives students a way to do something different and provide goods and services to the community.

“I think students should really care about it because its a easy way to help out when the stress of school is definitely overwhelming for a lot of students and it’s very easy to help student become involved in the community while their still in school, it also helps later in life when you can take these experiences giving back to the community and you can make your own.”