Tosa East Fall Orchestra Concert

Kate Lough

The Wauwatosa East Fall Orchestra Concert was held on the evening of October 20th in the Dale. K. Hidde Theatre. There were three different groups who performed- Concert Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, and Chamber Orchestra. The concert displayed all of the hard work the musicians put into their songs, and all three groups played unique music that showcased their talent in a spectacular way.

This concert was like no other, and it was the first in-person Wauwatosa East fall orchestra concert since 2019. “Music is meant to be shared. While the notes on the page haven’t changed, the experience of live vs. online does feel different,” stated Wauwatosa East orchestra teacher Michael Hayden. “Live performances bring a sense of anticipation, nervousness, and suspense. The first two melt away once our bows hit the string and the first notes are played. It’s an incredible, unique experience.”

The concert included some spooky-themed songs, such as This Is Halloween, which was played by the Symphony Orchestra. The Concert Orchestra played O Fortuna, another spooky-themed song, as part of their performance. “I really missed performing over the last year,“ stated Sophomore Madelyn Serio. “One of my favorite parts of being a musician is getting to perform in front of an audience and getting to show people the work we put in as an orchestra.”

Although last spring the Wauwatosa East Orchestra was able to perform live, the audience was limited to four tickets per senior. “Our in-person audience last spring was limited to senior families, so I was so glad that my family could attend this performance,” stated Junior Greta Krueger.