Tosa West Trojan Players Prepare for Fall Musical


Annabelle Wooster

Picture taken from a dance workshop prior to the auditions for “42nd Street”

Annabelle Wooster, Editor

The Wauwatosa West Trojan Players are gearing up for 42nd Street, a musical coming to the theatre this fall. After two years of compromised performances due to COVID restrictions, many are patiently waiting for the return of sold out shows, large casts, and intricate dance numbers. 

“We are moving ahead, excited and full of energy! We are so grateful to be putting on a big musical again. It feels so great to sing in a large group and work on a show in a much more “normal way” said director Adam Steffan. 

Over one hundred students are involved in this year’s fall production. Steffan explained how excited he is to work with such large numbers, but also how they are still enforcing COVID protocol to ensure the safety of the actors. In addition, tickets will be sold to only accommodate 50% capacity in the theatre. 

“During rehearsals, actors are wearing masks and we are being mindful to always create a responsible and safe theatre experience” Steffan explained. 

Even through the masks, the actors cannot wait to embrace the full atmosphere that theatre has to offer, especially in the weeks leading up to the show.

“I’m excited to get the full experience of tech week and more intense rehearsals because I didn’t get that through “Mary Poppins” because of COVID” said junior Lexi Pitcher. 

Not only are the actors preparing for a grand return, but so is the tech crew. A record number of people showed up to their first meeting, all of them interested in building sets, painting, operating the lights, and monitoring the mics during the show. 

“It’s so fun to have a large group of new people interested in tech crew. Tech crew is usually not super common so it’s fun to see many new people get involved” said junior Abby Burgardt, a longtime member of tech crew. 

But there is more to the production than what is seen on the stage. There is just as much work that goes into the events happening under the stage too. 

“We also have a large pit this year which is super exciting because we all get to work together to create such fun and amazing music for everyone. I love being able to work with all of the other amazing musicians!” she said.

The students are still in the early stages of learning their music, practicing, and rehearsing, but as time goes on, they are preparing for more exciting developments.

“So far the student musicians have been meeting once a week to work on the music and get more comfortable with it. Once we get closer to tech week we will meet with the professionals that are playing with us to build and perfect our full ensemble”.
Opening night is November 12th and tickets are $10 for students at the door. There are also $5 tickets available for everybody on Thursday, November 18th. Steffan is hopeful that there will be a good turnout of people who come out to watch and support. 

“42nd Street promises to be another fantastic Tosa West production” he said. Great songs, colorful costumes and fabulous sets. This cast, crew and pit are putting together a sparkling production! Don’t miss it.”