Wauwatosa West Orchestra to Play Fall Concert in Auditorium


Claire Guttormson

The “spooky” poster that was created for the Fall Orchestra Concert.

Claire Guttormson, Writer

The Wauwatosa West fall orchestra concert,

Fall into the Twilight Zone, will be held in the auditorium Thursday evening. It will feature music inspired by “The Twilight Zone” and other aspects of the season.

Many of the songs will be familiar to audience members, but even some of the less known ones include interesting elements and sound effects that should appeal to the general public, explained Tosa West Orchestra teacher Tiffany Chang.

“There are other spooky kinds of tales that we’re telling through music. So even if they don’t know about that piece already, I think they’ll like the mood and atmosphere,” said Chang.

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” will be performed along with music from well beloved movies, like Ghostbusters.

“Ghostbusters actually, that was a special request by me,” said Tosa West senior and cellist Keeler Valters, “I really very much love Ghostbusters, and I’m so excited that we’re able to play it. They have to tell me to sit back down in orchestra cause I get so excited about it.”

More than just being a celebration of the spooky season, this year’s orchestra concert will, in some ways, be a celebration of the ability to play and enjoy live music. An ability that many musicians, both in school and out, have lacked in the past years.

“It’s gonna be really nice being able to be in concert again. I was virtual this time last year. And so I wasn’t able to participate,” said Valters, “I really missed it because it didn’t feel as connected because I was at home and I really missed playing with the group and being with the group because we’re kind of like a family at this point.”

Last year the concert was held outside, making it necessary this year to clarify that the concert is an indoor-concert.

“It’s been a big shift from our usual mode of life in person,” said Chang, “Indoor concert. We used to just say concert but now we have to specify.”