What You Should Know About The August 23rd School Board Meeting


Wauwatosa School Board member Shawn Rolland debates with Superintendent Desmond Means about requiring masks while students are actively participating in physical activities. Graphic by Evelyn Skyberg Greer

The Wauwatosa School Board met on August 23rd to discuss re-entry of district schools. The meeting clarified masking and vaccination requirements for the upcoming year, and presented a staffing update. Schools will return using the Level 3 baseline for mitigation, as covered during the August 9th meeting.

Re-entry Update

The Wauwatosa School Board has decided that the district will start at a level 3 baseline for mitigation, despite the current Community Infection Rate being 137.6 (as of 8/22), which would place the district at a level four. This is so that the administration can gauge how the internal district infection rates fluctuate after Tosa students return to school, making changes accordingly. 

What does the level 3 baseline for mitigation mean for you?

  •  Large school events are allowed with 3 feet distancing 
  • Field trips allowed (Based on individual school infection rate and while maintaining 3’ distance on buses. 
  • Distancing of 3’ during lunch  
  • Masks required for all indoors

Masking and Vaccinations

Staff and student vaccinations will not be required by Wauwatosa School District. Masking will not be required while a student is actively participating in physical activities, sports, or phy-ed classes. In the level three baseline that the district is starting in, all students are required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status (with the exception of individual medical reasons). Masking requirements may change based on the level chosen by the school board (see COVID-19 re-entry plan).

What does this mean for you?

  • You are not required to get vaccinated, though it is recommended by the district.
  • You must wear a mask even if you are vaccinated, with the exception of individual medical reasons and active participation in physical activity (such as during a sport or phy-ed class).
  • Masking requirements may change throughout the year.


Students and staff have made it a priority to hire more minority teachers, but teachers of color are scarce statewide.  People of color make up 10% of Wauwatosa School District’s staff, which increased from 9% in  2020. The demographic makeup of new teachers is 3.8 % Hispanic or Latino, 3.8 % Black or African, 5.7 % Asian, and 84.9 % White.

  • Number of vacancies = 8.4 Full Time Equivalent
  • Number of teachers hired=53.97 Full Time Equivalent
  • Avg. Salary of departed teachers = $51, 481.13 

Check out the slides from the school board meeting for more information:

HR Staffing Update

Re-entry Plan Update