Pollution in Lake Michigan by Nadya Mahdasian

As a Wauwatosa East junior in American Public Policy, students choose a problem in their community to focus on. To raise awareness for their project students have the option to write a press release. Below is “Pollution in Lake Michigan” by Nadya Mahdasian. 

Pollution levels in Lake Michigan are rising uncontrollably fast. Urban areas like Milwaukee are releasing pollutants including various metals, oils, debris and chemicals into the waterways. excess amounts of phosphorus cause an algae, cladophora, that is harming aquatic ecosystems and wildlife. These toxins are being released into our waters for a number of reasons, including underfunded and neglected sewage treatment plants and filtration systems. In order to rebuild our aquatic ecosystems and create a safer water environment, funding must be diverted to the sewage treatment plants to ensure clean drinking water for all. Make sure your representative is taking action to guarantee the health of all Wisconsin state residents. The continued lack of attention to this issue will only further the detrimental effects on our environment.